Leveraging your company's employee value proposition and brand to attract talent

When it comes to talent all businesses are facing a chronic challenge. The ongoing talent and skills shortage coupled with increased attrition rates driven by ongoing demand are pushing hiring costs up and impacting business performance globally. In today's market, 90% of large employers (10,000+ employees) that engage contingent workforces at a strategic level expect to engage a Direct Sourcing model within the next 2 years.

What we offer

Resources are deployed to identify, engage and qualify talent into specific groups/skillsets to build communities of readily available resources.

Talent pools are exclusively and continuously informed about upcoming projects and initiatives within the business through marketing communications.

Candidates self-register and self- manage their skills, experience and availability; registering to be kept up to date on initiatives so they are informed about upcoming projects, further building contractor and community engagement with your business and brand.

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